My biggest passion project is finally a reality




Unleashing the Cosplay Spirit in Bulgaria –  BG Cosplay is an inspiring venture that has revolutionized the cosplay scene locally. 

As a small country with limited access to cosplay materials, BG Cosplay was born out of the desire to make this vibrant hobby more accessible to everyone.

By providing a wide variety of high-quality wigs, costumes, and soon-to-come cosplay materials such as EVA foam, thermoplastics, and 3D printing services, BG Cosplay empowers cosplayers to bring their favorite characters to life. 

With our comprehensive range of products and unwavering dedication to the community, BGcosplay has become a go-to destination for Bulgarian cosplayers, igniting creativity and fostering a thriving cosplay culture.

How it all started

BG Cosplay, the first Bulgarian cosplay shop, has humble origins that started with a small budget but a big vision. As a founder, I am deeply empathetic toward the struggles faced by cosplayers in Bulgaria and the limited resources that we have. 

This is why I decided to set out to make a positive change and lend a helping hand to the community. Understanding the importance of accessibility and fostering connections, the project began to take shape.

With a competitive spirit and a strong foundation built on personal experience, I self-funded the venture, starting off by offering budget-friendly wigs. 

The response was overwhelming, and the quick progress propelled BGcosplay to expand its offerings. Recognizing the need for high-quality wigs specifically tailored for cosplay purposes, the shop now provides a range of meticulously crafted options.

In partneship with the biggest delivery companies – we stirve to provide fast processing and fast shipping to our clients, so they can get their goodies as fast as possible.


A significant milestone for BG Cosplay was the direct partnership formed with Pretzl Cosplay, one of the most prominent crafters in the cosplay world. This collaboration has been instrumental in bringing expertise and knowledge to the project. 

With years of experience documented in her books, Pretzl Cosplay’s guidance and partnership have been invaluable. 

Together, BG Cosplay and Pretzl Cosplay are dedicated to assisting anyone interested in embarking on their cosplay journey.


By offering a comprehensive selection of materials required for crafting, they aim to equip cosplayers with everything they need to bring their imaginative visions to life.

We love our community

In addition to partnering with world-renowned creators, BG Cosplay also strives to support local talent. 

Collaborating with Eri as the first official partner and a local creator, BG Cosplay is actively working towards nurturing and uplifting the community. 

We believe in providing not only the necessary materials but also offering opportunities for growth and recognition for the local talent. 

Through various campaigns, individuals have the chance to become partners with BG Cosplay, subject to certain regulations. 

These campaigns aim to provide support to local creators by promoting their work, helping them expand their social media presence, and earning them the recognition they deserve.

Our commitment to supporting the cosplay community goes beyond just offering products. We believe in creating a platform where cosplayers can thrive, connect, and be celebrated. 

By fostering partnerships with both renowned and local creators, BG Cosplay fosters an inclusive and supportive environment. 

Whether you’re just starting your cosplay journey or looking to elevate your craft, we provide the resources, expertise, and community support needed to make your dreams a reality.

What to expect next

Exciting developments are underway at BG Cosplay, as we continue to work on new features and enhancements – Foam and 3D printing are only a small part of all of the amazing ideas and features we have for you in store. 

The commitment to providing the cosplay community with top-notch products and services remains steadfast. As the partnership with Pretzl Cosplay flourishes, expect a plethora of exciting news and updates. 

Stay tuned, for there is much more to come from BG Cosplay as we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment for cosplayers in Bulgaria.

In conclusion, BG Cosplay’s journey from a small-budget initiative to becoming Bulgaria’s first cosplay shop is a testament to the founder’s passion and determination. 

By recognizing the struggles faced by cosplayers and taking action to address those challenges, BG Cosplay has become a beacon of hope for aspiring and experienced cosplayers alike. 

With an unwavering commitment to accessibility, quality, and collaboration, BG Cosplay is transforming the cosplay landscape in Bulgaria and making dreams come true, one cosplay at a time.

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